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We understand that even although you have a busy life, you love your dog unconditionally and want someone to shower them with lots of love and attention when you are not able to. 


We know that over your dog's lifetime, your circumstances can also change. This can include;

  • A new job or promotion, meaning a change to working hours.

  • A new baby meaning less time to spend walking your beloved dog.

  • A change to your health that means you are unable to walk your best friend as much as you have done in the past.

Or perhaps, like many others now, you work from home but you really want your dog to have all-important time away from you. This can help them grow in confidence and reduce the risk of separation anxiety, whilst at the same time, allowing them to have positive experiences with other friendly dogs.

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Whatever the reason that lead you to Clan Canines, we know how important it is to you that your dog has exciting adventures in the safest, most controlled environments possible.

Home of the famous 'Clan Crusades', and awarded 'Dog Adventure Specialists 22-23' by Prestige Awards, Clan Canines are an extraordinary dog walking service for extraordinary dogs!

In Edinburgh we cover;

Balgreen, Murrayfield, Roseburn, Corstorphine, Chesser, Stockbridge and Clermiston.

In the Stewartry we cover;

Castle Douglas, Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbright and their surrounding villages.

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