•  At Clan Canines, we will not accept an aggressive dog. Any dog showing aggression towards another dog or a human will unfortunately no longer be able to participate in group walks.

  • After a complimentary initial 'Meet and Greet', all dogs joining our Clan will be required to take part in a private play date before commencing any walks. This play date will last approximately half an hour and is crucial in creating a bond between your dog and myself. This will help them get maximum enjoyment from our future walks. This initial playdate is charged at £15..

  • After the 'play date', new Clan members will then be required to complete a solo walk, again to help strengthen our bond and improve the quality of future walks. More solo walks may be necessary before joining the group and this will be assessed on an individual basis. Solo walks are charged at £20 per walk.

  • Once the play date and solo walk are completed, your dog is ready to meet their new Clan and join our crusades!

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