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For the last six years, Clan Canines have held Animal Boarding Licenses issued by the City of Edinburgh Council and now also Dumfries & Galloway Council, which allows us to offer Clan Sleepovers to our regular clients.


The exclusivity of existing clients only ensures that we maintain great dynamics between the dogs on all of our Crusades when we have boarders staying, as the dogs already all know each other.


Maisie sleeping.jpg

Whether it be one night, a full weekend or a fortnight's holiday - we can look after your pooch whilst you are away, giving you the peace of mind that they are with someone they know (and love!), and who loves them as much as you do!

The Clan sleepovers are a real 'home from home' experience for your dog. As they already know us well, it's far less of a stressful experience for them than kennels can be. 

This service is a massive hit with our current clan members!

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