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Sometimes a one hour crusade just won't cut it...

There are many reasons why you may want your pooch to have a little more time and attention. They may suffer from separation anxiety or be young and so full of energy that one group walk just isn't enough. You may just want the comfort and peace of mind that comes from knowing that your pooch is having great fun with all their friends whilst you are at work. Whatever your reason, our Clan Adventure Day might be the perfect solution!

Clan Canines Edinburgh
Clan Canines Dog Walking

As with the Mini Clan Crusades and the Curly Crusades, we will pick your dog up and drop them off at your chosen location. They will have their paws and bellies rubbed down at the end of the day and we can feed them or put water out for them at your request.


Your dog will be with us for a minimum of 6 hours on a Clan Adventure Day and will usually accompany us on two Mini Clan Crusades where they get all the benefits of these adventure walks. Any time additional to the crusades will be spent getting lots of love, care and attention. Clan Canines hold a boarding license issued by Edinburgh City Council which means your dog is licensed and insured to be in our property.

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