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Hi, my name is Tammie and I am the founder and Clan Chieftess at Clan Canines. For over 6 years I headed up the Edinburgh division of Clan Canines, then in 2022 I created a new division based in Castle Douglas - Clan Canines Stewartry!

I hold qualifications in Canine First Aid, I am insured through Cliverton and registered with Edinburgh City Council as a professional dog walker. I also hold an Animal Boarding License issued by Dumfries & Galloway Council (Licence No: 071840), a Basic Disclosure Certificate and I am continuously undertaking accredited qualifications, courses and seminars to improve my skills. Evidence of all of these can be provided at your complimentary Meet & Greet.

On a personal level, I grew up with dogs and have always been crazy about them. As a General Manager in the Hospitality industry for many years, I was unable to have one of my own so I always found myself walking my friends' dogs, to get my 'doggy fix'!

Tammie Kirk
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A few walks here and there gradually turned into many and, before I knew it, in 2016 my passion had turned into my career...

As cliched as it sounds, I feel like I've never worked a day since because I love it so much! I am constantly working to improve my skills and knowledge to provide my clients with an exclusive and premium service, giving them total peace of mind whilst their dog is in my care. I am also a proud dog mum to a very handsome Labrador, Malfy.

My dogs are my 'Clan' and are very important to me. Their safety and fun are paramount on all our walks and this means we have some 'Clan Requirements' for new dogs joining our group. These are detailed on the next page.

As previously mentioned, I now head up the Stewartry division of Clan Canines and am based in Castle Douglas. Here I run Mini Clan Crusades, Clan Adventure Days and our exclusive Clan Sleepovers for existing clients. 


Katie Jax and Lyra.jpg

Katie has lived in Edinburgh since September 2019, after graduating from the University in Manchester. She grew up with dogs, a Dalmatian and then a Labrador, and now has 2 wonderful collies who have both been part of the Clan for many years now.


When Tammie started searching for new team members back in 2022, she was delighted when Katie applied, as her passion for dogs has always been clear. 

Katie is a big fan of Canicross and can often be found out running with her two wonderful collies, Lyra & Jax.

Katie runs our Mini Clan Crusades and also our Clan Adventure Days. 


The next member of our Edinburgh team is the wonderful Lucy.  


Lucy was desperate to have a dog when she was younger but sadly her parents jobs meant that wasn't possible, so she was delighted to finally get her gorgeous Schnauzer, Cridhe in 2020 after graduating from university.

Lucy is a massive fan of the great outdoors and loves taking Cridhe on all her adventures, including paddle boarding! 

Lucy joined our team in early 2022 and is a massive hit with both or human and canine clients. As well as the Mini Clan Crusades and Clan Adventure Days, Lucy runs our weekly 'Tiny Tuesday' crusades, especially for dogs under 15kg. Lucy also occasionally runs our monthly Clan Chieftain's Crusades

Lucy and Cridhe.jpg


The final & most recent member of our wonderful team is Laura. Laura was born and raised in Edinburgh and has always had a keen interest in dogs. However, it wasn't until just before the Covid lockdown in 2020 that she finally got her own canine companion, beautiful Bella the Cockapoo. 

Prior to joining the Clan, Laura worked in the social care sector, where she had the privilege of working with some truly inspiring individuals. However, her real passion was always dogs and after many months of deliberation, she finally decided to pursue a career in pet care by joining Clan Canines.

In her free time, when she is not out on adventures with Bella, Laura loves practicing yoga and cooking. 

As well as running Mini Clan Crusades and Clan Adventure Days, Laura also hosts our exclusive, monthly Clan Chieftain Crusades.

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